Eco Friendly Candles Inspired by Nature

At Bethel & Co we hand pour Eco Friendly, Clean candles so that you can feel comfortable burning candles around loved ones, Including our fur family members. Our Coconut-Soy candles are hand poured with clean burning wax with no additives, dyes, or preservatives. Blended with our essential & phthalate-free fragrance oils so you get a soft aroma that lasts for hours on end.


Choosing your new favorite scent just got easier with our candle discovery kit. We know how difficult it is to choose scents online, with our discovery kits you can try out 5 mini candles for only $16.99 with Free Shipping. 

"For me burning candles has always been a everyday, self care ritual. I love how a candle can completely transform a room with the cozy candle light & aroma. One of the many problems I faced before I created Bethel & Co was that candles had very little to no scent when burning or they were really overpowering & caused me a headache.

After countless hours of research, I found many candles were made with paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum. Which is why i sought out to create a candle company that is sustainable, Environmentally Friendly & produced a good smelling candle without burning toxic chemicals In your home.

When you support Bethel & Co you’re supporting a Women owned, small business with a focus to provide Eco friendly & sustainable products.Thank you all so much for all the love and support! Join the B&C Fam, We’d love to have you! ❤️